No. 9 End of second year


Yesterday I submitted my last piece of coursework for my second year at uni and today I woke up with a huge weight off of my shoulders. However the relief didn’t last long as my next thought was ‘What the hell am I going to do all Summer?’. Last Summer I worked full time in my retail job but have decided to cut down my hours this year to spend more time relaxing and with my family.

The realisation that I have to do something productive with my time off has lead to this blog post. I am going to write more.

I am not going to task myself to one post a day as I know that will only lead to guilt on days I don’t write¬†but I am going to post as much as I can with (hopefully) interesting content.

My biggest excuse for not writing was that I didn’t think I had anything new or interesting to write about but now I am just going to go with it and if something interesting comes out, great! No pressure…