No. 14 Thorpe Park

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I  bloody love rollercoasters. My parents hate them so I never went to theme parks as a child making them an extra exciting event even at age 20. A group of 10 of us set off from Southampton early Tuesday morning to spend the whole day at Thorpe Park.

My last visit was in 2012, the year Swarm opened, we were expecting Derren Brown’s Ghost Train to be open so were disappointed (and I was slightly relieved since I can hardly watch trailers for horror movies) it wasn’t ready yet. A lot of my friends hadn’t been for even longer than I had and for one this was her first visit. We were keen to get as much of the park done as we could.


Walking past Colossus’ corkscrew’s

Four of us made the mistake of queuing for the front two seats of Colossus leaving us waiting twice as long as the others who took the standard queue. However it was completely worth the long wait especially as out first ride of the day. The ride is one of my favourites  as it feels longer than Swarm and has more loops than Nemesis Inferno.

I had never been on the theme park style rides like Rush or Vortex and I can’t believe I missed them out before as the queues are always tiny and they are just as good as the huge rollercoaster. Slammer was the worst ride for me only because the bar that sits above your lap was hovering a good few inches above my lap rather than holding my tight so I gripped on to the shoulder handles like my life depended on it the whole ride. If we had had more time I definitely would have tried again and made sure I sat in a different seat!

SAW was so much better than I remembered as all you can see across the park is the vertical part leading to the drop. By the end of the day the queues were so small we were able to get straight back onto SAW, finally getting a seat at the front of the cart which was much scarier than the back four seats as you could see what is coming better- I had never noticed the body on the floor of the warehouse the first two times.

We left, tired at 5pm when the park closed to go back to one of the boys Dad’s house to stay the night saving us the journey back the same day.

I’d definitely recommend going during term time, although there were a lot of school trips there we were able to go on every single ride rather than wasting time in long queues.


Panorama of the view from the Nemesis Inferno queue


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