No. 13 Tammy Hembrow’s 8 Week Booty Building


I am living proof than ANYONE can learn to love the gym. This time last year I was paying for a monthly membership that was used a total of four times in nine months. In school PE was was an hour spent tossing a netball around with 30 other girls equally uninterested in playing sports. The weights section of the gym was unknown territory, I would go once a week and abuse the cross trainer for an hour to please my parents.

On instagram it has been hard to avoid images of Tammy Hembrow on my suggested posts. She has created a living by selling a workout e-book that focus’ on the legs and bum; Looking at her’s there is no denying she is doing something right so curiosity got the better of me and I downloaded her book.

This year I started a new membership at the gym 5 minutes away from home and began to go a couple of times a week with my housemate. We started doing an abs class every week that we really enjoyed and in no time I was finding as many classes I could squeeze in including Legs, Bums and Tums and the dreaded Spin class. Now I go 3-4 times a week and even feel guilty for not going a few days in a row.

This booty guide outlines routines three days a week for eight weeks, I am going to continue with my abs class but substitute other classes for these routines. They are weight based exercises that really work out your legs and bum.

I have just competed day two of my first week and have bought whey protein to aid my workouts as the e-book has suggested. My legs are knackered already but after eight weeks I will hope to be in better shape- review to come!


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