10 things I wish I knew before I came to uni

My first year at university has come to an end. It’s such a cliche that will come out of every freshers mouth but I just can’t believe I am now 1/3 of my way thorough my course. Here are 10 things I wish I knew back in September before I started.

  1. This will be the best year of your life so far! I was nervous about my decision to come to uni and had absolutely no clue what to expect.
  2. You will leave with only 50% of the kitchen equipment you came with. No matter how careful I am things just disappear!
  3. You will have take out another loan to buy new socks every other month. Same story, I have no clue where half of my socks have gone; Primark’s 7 pairs for £3 are my saviour.
  4.  How to cook. Self explanatory, I live off pasta and pizza.
  5. You will still be able to afford to buy clothes and treats. I had this image of myself eating tins of beans every day struggling hugely with money. I was lucky enough to work over summer and Christmas back home which have pretty much funded my life (and my clothes shopping).
  6. You will buy a lot of clothes and shoes! I should have packed more clothes hangers when I first moved in.
  7. Don’t drink vodka and wine on the same night. I have been victim to mixing drinks spirits before, not to a pretty end and I think I am yet to learn my lesson. All I know it that the night where I ended up in a bad sate I had drunk both wine and vodka.
  8. No one cares who you saw at Glastonbury that summer. People back home may be impressed and interested but people here don’t care. No one has the same music taste here and no one seems to share mine so really aren’t interested who I have seen live!
  9. You won’t see your friends from home as much as you thought. Unfortunately due to travel costs, conflicting lecture times and those who work full time back home I haven’t been able to see my old friends as much as I thought during term times. But everything feels like nothing has changed when I do see them during the holidays.
  10. You will meet so many people and make so many new friends. Although this one seems obvious I really never imagined getting on with my flatmates so well! I’m very lucky that we do and I am lucky to have made so many friends through work too.

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