No. 14 Thorpe Park

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I  bloody love rollercoasters. My parents hate them so I never went to theme parks as a child making them an extra exciting event even at age 20. A group of 10 of us set off from Southampton early Tuesday morning to spend the whole day at Thorpe Park.

My last visit was in 2012, the year Swarm opened, we were expecting Derren Brown’s Ghost Train to be open so were disappointed (and I was slightly relieved since I can hardly watch trailers for horror movies) it wasn’t ready yet. A lot of my friends hadn’t been for even longer than I had and for one this was her first visit. We were keen to get as much of the park done as we could.


Walking past Colossus’ corkscrew’s

Four of us made the mistake of queuing for the front two seats of Colossus leaving us waiting twice as long as the others who took the standard queue. However it was completely worth the long wait especially as out first ride of the day. The ride is one of my favourites  as it feels longer than Swarm and has more loops than Nemesis Inferno.

I had never been on the theme park style rides like Rush or Vortex and I can’t believe I missed them out before as the queues are always tiny and they are just as good as the huge rollercoaster. Slammer was the worst ride for me only because the bar that sits above your lap was hovering a good few inches above my lap rather than holding my tight so I gripped on to the shoulder handles like my life depended on it the whole ride. If we had had more time I definitely would have tried again and made sure I sat in a different seat!

SAW was so much better than I remembered as all you can see across the park is the vertical part leading to the drop. By the end of the day the queues were so small we were able to get straight back onto SAW, finally getting a seat at the front of the cart which was much scarier than the back four seats as you could see what is coming better- I had never noticed the body on the floor of the warehouse the first two times.

We left, tired at 5pm when the park closed to go back to one of the boys Dad’s house to stay the night saving us the journey back the same day.

I’d definitely recommend going during term time, although there were a lot of school trips there we were able to go on every single ride rather than wasting time in long queues.


Panorama of the view from the Nemesis Inferno queue

No. 13 Tammy Hembrow’s 8 Week Booty Building


I am living proof than ANYONE can learn to love the gym. This time last year I was paying for a monthly membership that was used a total of four times in nine months. In school PE was was an hour spent tossing a netball around with 30 other girls equally uninterested in playing sports. The weights section of the gym was unknown territory, I would go once a week and abuse the cross trainer for an hour to please my parents.

On instagram it has been hard to avoid images of Tammy Hembrow on my suggested posts. She has created a living by selling a workout e-book that focus’ on the legs and bum; Looking at her’s there is no denying she is doing something right so curiosity got the better of me and I downloaded her book.

This year I started a new membership at the gym 5 minutes away from home and began to go a couple of times a week with my housemate. We started doing an abs class every week that we really enjoyed and in no time I was finding as many classes I could squeeze in including Legs, Bums and Tums and the dreaded Spin class. Now I go 3-4 times a week and even feel guilty for not going a few days in a row.

This booty guide outlines routines three days a week for eight weeks, I am going to continue with my abs class but substitute other classes for these routines. They are weight based exercises that really work out your legs and bum.

I have just competed day two of my first week and have bought whey protein to aid my workouts as the e-book has suggested. My legs are knackered already but after eight weeks I will hope to be in better shape- review to come!

No. 12 New job


On Friday I started a new job (secondary to my job in retail) at a catering company and events bar. Although I had no experience in either catering or bar work I was excited to start as a lot of my friends had worked for the company before and would come home tired but I could tell they had had a good day. 

Our group of 16 was picked up from Southampton on Friday afternoon for the 3 hour journey to Winbledon. Our job that night was to cater to Kings College School for their end of year dinner. Carrying plates out and clearing them up as quickly as possible for three courses was our main role as well as topping wine bottles up and tidying up at the end of the night. For the 9 hours I was working it didn’t feel like I had done much work other than the quick rushes to clear up tables- it was easy money! The hardest part was balancing plates on my arm while clearing up and I’ve been left with a hefty bruise but everything else was common sense. 

Saturday was an early morning to drive to Newbury to work on one of the mobile bars at Newbury racecourse. Again with no experience on a bar I was nervous about the large crowds all waiting for a pint. We had the best view of the track as our bar was opposite the finishing line and although my one bet didn’t come in it was great seeing the horses race past and people either ripping up their betting slips in anger or celebrating their win. 

Our day flew past as spectators came to the bar between races and we had a brief rest as the race went off. By the end of the day I was covered in beer and cider but enjoyed working with my friends doing something very different to my normal job. 

This work will be continuous over summer so I can’t wait to see where the next event takes me! 

No. 11 Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

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It is the age old problem- I have nothing to wear. Every year as summer approaches I look in my wardrobe and flick between the hangers trying to find something, anything to put on.

Money is tight over summer but I like to make a list of items I want to buy, a treat list of items to save up for.

Lulu- Sugar Breach bikini, TRIANGL $79 (=£54.70)

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.49.19

I have been trying to avoid wanting a TRIANGL bikini after it seemed every other girl was wearing one in their holiday photos but after seeing this top I had to give in- who doesn’t want a bikini that looks like a watermelon?! The big downside of this bikini is the price (shipping is an extra $20/£13!!) but the neoprene will last a lot longer than the thin bikini material most are made of.

Oversized mix palm tee, Topshop £39 

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.09.22

This t-shirt looks like a feminine version of a lot of mens tops about at the moment with the block line running down the side, I love that the palm print gives this a girly twist. The back has the same pattern all over in green (I love green tropical prints) however the zip on the back suggests it may be stiffer than a regular t-shirt. I would have to try this top on to see how comfortable it is, the worst thing in summer is wearing hot stiff clothing that ends only up at the back of the wardrobe.

Black tropical leaf print playsuit, River Island £20 

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.17.15

Sticking with topical print, this more colourful number will be perfect for hot beach days when all you need is something to chuck on over a bikini. The price is fantastic for a playsuit with so much detail around the neck and the tassels, you wont feel too guilty getting it a bit wet and sandy.

Black panelled leggings, River Island £25

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.50.51

Since my favourite black leggings are near the end of their life (they have been near the end of their life for quite a while, I can’t bear to throw them out) my search for black leggings with some detail but no zips has been a difficult one. This pair from River Island are perfect, enough detail to look interesting but simple enough to go with everything. For the more overcast days in summer, leggings and a long cami top are essential.

Holographic Bubble Detail trainers, Miss Guided £25 

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.06.40

Do I really need more trainers? No. Do I need these trainers? MASSIVE YES! Like a magpie, I am drawn to anything sparkly, shiny and holographic. These are a pair of trainers I would regret not buying.

No. 10 Soundclash Festival

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May 1st, my kitchen was heavily decorated ready for our pre-Soundclash party, the girls were fiddling with face gems and the boys were… not so fussed about any glitter. The music festival brings the best in House, Drum and Bass and Bassline to Southampton for one day and we were going to make the most of it!

Our party of 15 split up to get to the site 40 minutes out of the City centre. The weather was on our side so sunglasses were on and raincoats were stuffed into a rucksack. I had bought a holographic rain coat last minute from MissGuided but thankfully didn’t need it (also saw at least 7 other girls in it which was a bit annoying).

The first act we saw was Majestic, DJ we kept missing when he has played at Switch (local club) so it was great to finally see him and on such a big stage. I was straight up onto my boyfriends shoulders taking videos and photos of his set.


I lost this jacket that afternoon which I’m devastated about! 

The biggest issue at festivals (other than the toilets) is always a lack of phone signal so much of my time was spent in a smaller group hoping to bump into the others.

Our home for the day was inside the Drum and Bass tent seeing acts like Friction, Hazarad and S.A.S.A.S.A.S, Hannah Wants was another highlight as I had never seen her live before.

Our day ended at 1.30am and we stumbled back to the coach to take us home again (or to Switch as some of my friends decided that 10 hours as the festival wasn’t long enough).

The day did not disappoint and we are already counting down to October 1st for the next Soundclash Festival!

No. 9 End of second year


Yesterday I submitted my last piece of coursework for my second year at uni and today I woke up with a huge weight off of my shoulders. However the relief didn’t last long as my next thought was ‘What the hell am I going to do all Summer?’. Last Summer I worked full time in my retail job but have decided to cut down my hours this year to spend more time relaxing and with my family.

The realisation that I have to do something productive with my time off has lead to this blog post. I am going to write more.

I am not going to task myself to one post a day as I know that will only lead to guilt on days I don’t write but I am going to post as much as I can with (hopefully) interesting content.

My biggest excuse for not writing was that I didn’t think I had anything new or interesting to write about but now I am just going to go with it and if something interesting comes out, great! No pressure…

No. 9 Manchester

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This Valentines weekend I travelled the furthest north I have ever been to Manchester. My boyfriend and had rented a hotel for the weekend and I was so excited to explore a new city.

Upon arrival I met up with two school friends who now study in Manchester for a drink at a trendy bar/pizza place/ arty hangout. It was great to catch up and of course check out the new geo filters I could use on snapchat.


Tom and Laura dropped me of at my hotel in Salford Quays where I waited for Haydon to arrive from Scotland.

Friday night was spent eating pasta and brownies in Frankie and Benny’s followed by a late night screening of Deadpool. I wouldn’t usually choose to watch a superhero movie at the cinema but as Deadpool said himself, he’s not a superhero. The film was hilarious and kept my attention from start to finish.

On Saturday we spent the day in town wondering round the huge Arndale shopping centre before making our way to China town (much smaller than I thought it would be!) and Canal street. Both were tourist spots I couldn’t visit Manchester with out going to see.


Hat: Topshop, Bomber jacket: Zara, T-shirt: FLUXDEUX, Jeans: River Island,           Shoes: Converse, Bag: Topshop, Gloves: UrbanOutfitters

Being the middle of the day there weren’t many other people about along Canal street (other than a furry convention at one of the bars) so we walked up, then down, and up again as my terrible sense of direction took us the wrong way back to the Arndale.

It was Franky and Benny’s for dinner again as it was right outside our hotel to line our stomachs for our night out at RAM: Records Mantra festival at the Manchester SU. We cheekily managed to slip in the front of the 3 hour queue and so were able to make the most of the night in the venue. The music ended at 5am after the the main act, and Haydon’s favourite drum and bass DJ, Prototype played so we stumbled into a taxi straight back to the hotel. The night was amazing with such good music and cheap drinks!

Unfortunately Valentines day was spent hungover waiting for our trains at Manchester Piccadilly before travelling our separate ways.

Manchester bettered my expectations, there was so much more to see around the city than I thought, so many beautiful old buildings that I dont get to see around Southampton. It won’t be long until I visit again.




Monkey business! We travelled up to the north of the Island to visit the nature reserve at feeding time. It was amazing when we got there to see so many monkeys, deer, tortoise an iguana and a couple of peacocks all eating happily from the same food source!  

I wore my black shorts again (River Island) and my orange vest top (Topshop) which I bought for summer last year. Although I would usually shy away from colours like this I actually love this top and how it compliments a tan. It goes with any dark bottoms and pretty much any necklace.  




Last night we held a party for my Gran’s family who all live in Barbados. I bought by skirt two winters ago from Forever 21 but it has hardly left my wardrobe because I only like to wear it when I have a tan or it will wash my legs out! It’s one of my favourtie skirts though and I love that the zip opens up at the front. The orange top (River Island) made an appearance again because I think when you find a combination that looks good you should wear it as much as you can!  




Beach day! It has been so gorgeous and sunny I have had to spend as much time as I could on the beach! My black white and pink Aztec shorts are from primark but you would never tell! The bright pink is a great pop of colour and I love wearing neon colours against black and white. My bikini is from topshop, they did lodes of colours in this style which is always very tempting to buy the whole rainbow when holiday shopping!!  

We went out for lunch along the west coast at a restaurant sat right on the beach. My shorts (topshop) and top (river island) work really well together as I find it hard not wearing either black top or black bottoms but the white shorts makes a nice change. I have always been so against wearing orange (it is my least favourite colour and my mum once said it should only be used in emergencys) but after trying on this tip I thought I should give orange a chance and am glad I did!!